Who IS Deandreofficial?

Well he is a visionary, an ordained minister, musician, husband and father of two! He is gifted with the ability to express God through writing, speaking, and art! He started rapping at the age of 14 on a tape cassette sitting on his bed, and now that he has released two full length albums, “The Experience” and “Waves” (both are now available on all streaming platforms) and it doesn’t stop there! He is also the host and creator of the 5 star rated podcast “Visionaries Only” while also co-hosting the “Flip the Switch” podcast .

Dedicated To Being God's Visionary


Vision is the ability to plan the future with imagination and wisdom! The dedication to your future will unlock gratitude in your current circumstances and a peace from God that surpasses all understanding! Do you want to hear a story? Ok. Quick testimony! I was planning on writing this book throughout the course of a week and on the first day, my grandmother died.


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